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Our services fall into two areas: compliance and enquiries.

We ensure that all our clients meet the filing deadlines for all taxation returns and submissions, and that their day-to-day matters are compliant with current legislation. This includes corporation tax, self assessment tax, PAYE, Capital Gains Tax, VAT.

When possible, we will advise clients on tax opportunities to ensure they pay the least amount of tax. We keep our clients abreast of all the latest day-to-day matters regarding their tax situation.

We have wide experience of dealing with HM Revenue & Customs on any matters in respect of personal, Corporate Tax, VAT and PAYE enquiry cases.

We encourage clients to contact us with any concerns and, as our fees are fixed and guaranteed, they do so in the knowledge that there will be no additional charges.

If you want peace of mind, contact us now on 0161 790 0002; it costs nothing to talk!



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